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Slut Night at SF Eagle

Slut Night Returns: Fundraiser for Folsom Street Fair women's space
Saturday, August 4, 2007
3:00-9:00 pm
S.F. Eagle Tavern
398 12th Street at Harrison
San Francisco, CA

Slut Night* Returns!
Entertainment, huge raffle, beer/soda bust, mini-scenes, food, singles mingle AND... a chance for you to get that slut wear out & strut your stuff.
MC'd by our own miss fabulousness herself, Bubblin! Bubblin has been a MC at many a S.F. event, including sharing the stage upon occasion with Fairy Butch, & MCing at the Femme Conference '06, Butch/Femme Slut Night, Brush Arbor Girls, & many events for Butch/Femme Socials.
Don't come late to this event or you'll miss all the early fun (fashionably late is 4:30 p.m.), bring your dollar bills, plentiful street parking, carpool when possible (post your request for a ride to this list with your cross streets for pick up or nearest BART station & your email).
ATTIRE: This is a fun & sexy environment to wear your sexy. Do NOT let clothes be the reason you do not come out. Wear what makes you feel sexy & comfortable. HOWEVER, many wear their corsets & bustiers, butches typically wear rough trade and/or suits or their butch corsets & bustiers. THE POINT IS, come have fun & see us in our slutty fabulousness in however you express that. Keep in mind you're walking through the neighborhood so keep the important parts covered or get that raincoat out.
VOLUNTEER: It takes butches & femmes to make things run smoothly. Please contact me via butchfemmesocials@ if you can help out. Your volunteer shift will be no more than an hour; please specify what time you're available to volunteer.
GREETERS: We always like to have greeters to meet new people that are new to the B/F Socials.
AS A COMMUNITY MEMBER, get the word out invite your friends from other communities, get your gay boyfriends out, get that recluse next door out, get those friends that only go online to look for dates, bring your Mom or Dad.
More information, questions: butchfemmesocials@
Thanks to the Eagle for their continued support of the butch femme community.
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