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NYC, Seattle, Olympia, Portland, and SF... x-posted

Hi Im planning a trip to the States with my partner in August and I thought Id make the most of lj and see if I can get some local recomendations.We will be in NYC for a week from 15th August then flying to Seattle, where from there, we will drive down the west coast to San Fran including stops at Olympia and Portland.

so Im wondering if anyone has any general tips as well as;

nights, events, clubs and anything else relating to butch/femme, queer and/or trans* communities in any of those areas ....

and if anyone has any other info like vegan/vegan friendly places where we should eat, any local bands we should check out (im into lots of different stuff including rockabilly, pyschobilly, hardcore, punk, ska, queercore, riot grrl...), any places that we should visit that arent on that list but are on the west coast and worth checking out, any good places to dumpster and/or get good cheap vegan food....... and anything else that you feel like sharing, that would be rad!


thanks for your help.


(Melbourne, Australia)
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