kamikazeboy (kamikazeboy) wrote in butchfemme,

New release - Lynn Breedlove's GODSPEED

Please help spread the word about this indie queer film....<br /><br /><br />Altcinema presents Lynn Breedlove's GODSPEED. <br /> <br /> GODSPEED tells the story of a speed freak bike messenger who passes as a boy as he fights the world and his own lust for thrills to win the love of a stripper. GODSPEED stars Lynn Breedlove, Jillian Lauren, Leslie Mah, and Adam Horovitz (AdRock of the Beastie Boys). Music by Bikini Kill, Le Tigre, Katastrophe, The Gossip, Tribe 8 and more. <br /> <br /> Directed by Lynn Breedlove and Jen Gilomen. Color, HD, 17 min. <br /> <br /> Get your copy today at <a href="http://www.altcinema.com/store/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=50">Altcinema.com</a>.<br><Br>

<img src="http://altcinema.com/images/films/godspeed/Godspeed2.jpg" width="159" height="240" border="0">
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